ALG provides quality and affordable legal services for community organizations, charities, religious institutions and schools, and other nonprofits. We provide a number of flat fee and monthly fee arrangements.
In addition, we provide board and staff trainings in person or via webinar on such matters as nonprofit governance, effective decision-making, transparency, accountability, fiscal policies and procedures and other critical nonprofit issues.

For more information on our services, please email or call (800) 501-3006.

Formation and Tax-Exempt Status:

  • Advice on structure and organization
  • 501(c)(3) (or other tax exempt classification) Applications
  • Compliance issues

Governance and Operations:

  • Advise on better governance policies
  • Review and revise dated bylaws
  • Board functioning and operations
  • Fiduciary duties of the board and officers
  • Membership termination procedures
  • Corporate policies, including policies on conflicts of interest, investments, endowments, document retention, whistleblower protection, and gift acceptance
  • Compliance with open meeting laws
  • Drafting board, committee, and member resolutions
  • Risk management, including advice on insurance needs, personnel policies, and other internal procedures
  • Ethics, charitable sector norms, and the public’s expectations of charities
  • Conducting a compliance review with laws and best practices, including rating the level of compliance

We also counsel on the following matters:

  • Donor issues and Charitable Giving, including the formation of Private Foundations
  • Political Action and Lobbying Limitations
  • Revenue-generating Activities and the Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • Mergers, transfers of assets and joint ventures
  • International Charitable Transactions and Operations

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